UK Sangat in Shock as a 5-Year-Old Sikh Boy Has His Hair Cut Forcibly at Primary School

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Sikhs in the UK are in shock and disgust over the news of a Sikh boy having his fair forcibly cut by another student at school. The incident took place on May 21 at the Alexandra Mcleod School Abbey Wood in South London when a Sikh boy aged just 5 years old had his hair cut by another student at their primary school with scissors.

J.K. Purewal, the boy’s mother, expressed her disgust in a Facebook post while asking that the school act against bullying. “We are really scared to send him to school. Don’t know what to do to secure him in future,” she said in a Facebook post. Mrs Purewal further stated that her son had been left really upset. The family is in touch with local Sikh organizations and has requested that their son’s pictures not be shared online due to privacy reasons.