MSPs call for restrictions to be removed for public worship in Scotland

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Scottish Conservative MSP Stephen Kerr – who is a member of the Board of Trustees for Freedom Declared Foundation – has called for the Scottish Government to allow religious services to take place across Scotland with the same social distancing and face covering rules that apply in hospitality. 

The parliamentary motion submitted under his name also urges the First Minister to acknowledge the importance of congressional worship to most religious groups in Scotland. This comes after the Scottish Government were ruled by the Court of Session in March 2021 that their closure of places of worship was unlawful.  

MSPs from across different political parties, including Scottish Labour and the SNP, have supported the motion which reads:

“That the Parliament supports the freedom of religion or belief as a basic human right; upholds Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; considers that congregational worship is central to many faiths in Scotland, and calls on the Scottish Government to remove restrictions to allow congregational worship, with one metre social distancing and the requirement for wearing face coverings for worshippers when either sitting, standing or kneeling in the same place.”

To see the names of the MSPs who have signed this motion, please click the link attached: