I understand Nus Ghani’s pain at being ‘othered’ for her faith

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The Conservative MP Nusrat Ghani disclosed this week that she had been told she was fired as a minister because her ‘Muslimness’ was too much for some of her colleagues and her loyalty to the Conservative party had been questioned. She is brave to be so open about something so repellent.

Nusrat has shared how this whole sorry episode has made her feel. I understand well the isolation, powerlessness and sense of being “punched to the stomach” she describes. Nusrat’s pain and shock of being belittled and “othered” because of her faith is something that no-one should have to endure.

There have rightly been many messages of support for Nusrat. Nusrat has a long and robust record as an active and vocal campaigner against antisemitism and is especially deserving of attention.