Does Hate Crime Legislation Threaten Freedom Of Religion Or Belief? Interview With Lois McLatchie

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Freedom Declared were founded to champion Freedom of Religion or Belief within the United Kingdom, and we are delighted to be joined by Lois McLatchie to discuss her perspective about the state of Freedom of Religion or Belief within the UK.

Lois serves as a communications officer for Alliance Defending Freedom UK, the human rights group which supported Canon Tom White’s legal challenge to the Scottish government’s worship ban in March last year.

Lois advocates for fundamental freedoms, including freedom of religion and belief, in the media across the UK and further afield.

Prior to this role, she served as a legal analyst on ADF International’s UN Advocacy Team at the Human Rights Council in Geneva. Areas covered in the interview include the closure of places of worship in Scotland, the PCSC bill, and the policing of “silent prayer”.