Call him ‘Jewy McJewface’, unless that upsets the Scots

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It’s been a fun few weeks in the OK Corral, hasn’t it? To be honest, the antisemitism lunacy has escalated to such an extent that I have scarcely known where to turn.

If it’s not swastikas daubed near a synagogue in north-west London, it’s mad anti-vaxxers adopting the yellow star worn by Jews during the Holocaust, to show themselves as victims.

Or it’s a Jewish couple attending a maternity appointment at the Whittington Hospital, where Shomrim reported they were verbally abused, and then physically attacked by a man shouting “F*** Jews, move away from CCTV so I can break your bones and open you up”, before throwing a full bottle of unidentified liquid (though I think we can guess what it was) at the pregnant woman.