Breaking the cycle of antisemitism on campus

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For some time now, there has been a depressing series of incidents in Oxford with antisemitism as the clear commonality between them. Every term or so, a serious antisemitic incident occurs. Whether it be a student society inviting a speaker with a history of antisemitic remarks, a candidate running for a student election who’s made antisemitic comments, or a prejudiced article in a student paper, there’s usually a bit of a furore while solutions are found, and then the incident is promptly forgotten once resolved. Non-Jewish students offer varying levels of allyship and care, but concern and interest broadly stays limited to Oxford’s Jewish students. Ultimately, the response is reactive rather than proactive. With no solutions aimed at erasing the scourge of antisemitism on campus, this pattern will continue to repeat, subjecting cohort after cohort of Jewish students to the grim cycle.