Biden warns against ‘resurgent tide of anti-Semitism’ on Holocaust Remembrance Day

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President Biden warned against a “resurgent tide of anti-Semitism” in remarks on Holocaust Remembrance Day amid a surge in activity from far-right groups. 

“We must pass the history of the Holocaust on to our grandchildren and their grandchildren in order to keep real the promise of ‘never again.’ That is how we prevent future genocides,” Biden said in a statement Wednesday.

“Remembering the victims, heroes, and lessons of the Holocaust is particularly important today as Holocaust deniers and minimizers are growing louder in our public discourse,” he added. “But the facts are not up for question, and each of us must remain vigilant and speak out against the resurgent tide of anti-Semitism, and other forms of bigotry and intolerance, here at home and around the world.”