Better to keep children chaste than to chasten John Fisher

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The problem with the movement designated as D.I.E. (Diversity, Inclusivity and Equality) is that its ‘inclusivity’ has never included Christianity. Despite the camouflage of the words used, it is a secular movement, characterised by the hyper-sexualisation of our culture, and it intends to reduce the complexity of human identity to erotic desire.

Sooner or later, the clash with Christianity was bound to break the surface. So it’s no surprise that it has done so in the educational environment and in a head-on clash with the Catholic Church.

For many years, the Catholic Church has taken hit after hit over celibacy. The corrosiveness of Freud’s idée fixe on the importance of sexuality has undermined and dissolved our sense of the value of restraint. We have, as a result, become an increasingly self-indulgent society, drowning in our own incontinence. But the Catholic Church is the one form of Christianity ready and equipped to take on the disordered sexualisation of our culture.