Archbishop of Canterbury -The cry of Good Friday in a suffering world

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Today is Good Friday — the day on which Jesus himself cried out from the cross: “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” In every generation throughout history, this is a cry that has been on the lips of people in times of suffering and despair.

I have no doubt that people in Ukraine will asking the same question in their hearts today as they continue to endure the great evil of war. It’s a question heard by the side of every mass grave, over every shattered home and along each treacherous journey seeking refuge. It’s a question that must be asked — and one that can only be answered by God.

The same question comes to mind when we hear of famine in Afghanistan, or families fleeing and girls being denied their right to education. When we hear of great violence and deep suffering in Ethiopia, Yemen, Syria, Myanmar and countless other places. The UN Secretary General said last month that we are facing the highest number of violent conflicts since 1945. Again comes the cry to God: why have you forsaken us? Our suffering world cries out for food, safety, protection, peace — and justice.