“An extraordinary wave of support”: Muslim leaders and government officials denounce Iran’s persecution of Baha’is

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Leading Muslims, government officials, and parliamentarians around the world have joined a growing outcry at the unjust confiscation of properties owned by Baha’is in the farming village of Ivel in Iran. The ruling to allow Iranian authorities to confiscate the properties, clearly motivated by religious prejudice, was recently upheld in an appeals court and has left dozens of families internally displaced and economically impoverished.

The American Islamic Congress(link is external), the Canadian Council of Imams(link is external), Chair of the Virtues Ethics Foundation and one of the leading Islamic scholars in the United Kingdom Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra(link is external)the All India Tanzeem Falahul Muslemin(link is external), and the All India Saifi Association(link is external) have all issued statements in support of the Baha’is in Ivel, expressing grave concern about the confiscation of the properties.